The following plays are available in playscript through the Playwrights Guild of Canada

Essential Conflict
A wacky cousin provides more essential conflict than anyone has bargained for when she pays an extended visit to the Wright household. She passes mating tips on to the fifteen-year old daughter of the household, flirts outrageously with the teenage son and lures the stay-at-home (writer) father into a dangerous situation. Entertaiment for the whole family.

Produced at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

Produced by the drama department, York University, Toronto.

The 40th Birthday Party
Three couples and two single friends gather at a summer cottage to celebrate two 40th birthdays. With a little too much drink taken, old hurts emerge and things are said that haven't been voiced before. There are some surprise revelations and then tragedy suddenly mars the celebration further, exposing both the funny and the fragile aspects of their lives.

Produced at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada

Workshopped at Theatre Calgary

A Station On The Way
Leo Tolstoy has fled by train from his wife and family in order to find some peace for himself. Fatally ill, he is removed from the train and lies dying at a tiny railway station in Russia . His wife, Sonya, and an entourage that includes his children, the national press, and many of his followers, arrive to be with him on his deathbed. Sonya is denied the right to see him while he lies dying. What unfolds is a tragedy of some proportion. It is basically Sonya's story, exposing the trials and tribulations of living with this great, but difficult man.

Staged reading by The International Center For Women Playwrights, Buffalo, N.Y. Chosen as one of the two plays to represent Canadian work.

Produced at The Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Workshop reading Stratford Festival and

Workshop reading Shaw Festival.